Going to university requires a lot of money nowadays, most people don’t have this money upfront. They need financial aid, usually in the form of a student loan. But how do you get out this debt? Sometimes it gets so high, you wonder if you will ever be able to pay it off. Maybe a school loan consolidation program is what you need, but a school loan consolidation programs aren’t quite like magic either.

A great explanation of school loan consolidation

  • A school loan consolidation program is an extra loan you get, that pays of your original loan on time. This way all the payments will be made on time. This means you won’t forget to pay or even if you don’t have the money to pay, it still gets paid in time. If you don’t have a school loan consolidation program and you don’t pay on time, it has a negative effect on your credit rating, the interest could even go up. a bad credit rating has a negative influence on future loans (e.g. mortgage loan/car loan) and sometimes it can even get in your way when you try to get a new job.
  • Especially when you have multiple school loans is a school loan consolidation program effective. The loans get lumped together and you only have to worry about paying one sum of money every month. You can usually get a much lower interest rate as well. in general the more loans you have the more advantagous it is to join a school loan consolidation program.
  • By joining a school loan consolidation program, you can often extend the time in which you have to pay off your loan. Often you can extend the time to over 30 years. This means you have to pay less right now monthly. However I would recommend not getting lazy and just spread it out over as much time as possible. The longer it takes before you pay off your debt, the more interest it accumulates.
  • The interest rate of a school consolidation loan is usually fixed. So you won’t encounter any surprises down the road. While the interest rates of unconsolidated loans can jump up and down without warning. Of course it’s nice if it jumps down, but it’s more likely that it will jump up. The risk is having to pay more than anticipated.
  • If you have a federal loan, don’t join a private school loan consolidation program. You will lose your benefits of having a federal loan.
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Once in debt, it is incredible hard to get out of debt, without any of these solutions to debt. Debt creates interest which creates even more debt. So if you don’t know any solutions to debt, you will go deeper in debt day by day. Especially if you need to loan even more money, for a new house, a new car, a new education, debt just keeps building up. Luckily there are a few solutions to debt. Problems may arrive but at least you can get back on track.

There are some different approaches to debt. However not everything will work for you, you have your own unique situation. So you might want to get advice from a professional before doing anything at all. Some variables that have an effect on which debt solutions work best for you are:

  1. What kind of forms your debts have
  2. How long you have been struggling with your debt
  3. How much debt you have in total

Debt Settlement

A reliable solution to debt is debt settlement. You hire a professional negotiator from a debt settlement firm to negotiate your balance down. This is down after you have paid 50% of the loan amount. Because your financial life is completely in the hands of the debt settlement firm, it is of great importance you go to a reliable debt settlement firm. Do your research to find one you can trust.


Do not choose this option unless you have tried everything else. When you declare bankruptcy you state that you are unable to pay your debt, some of your debts will be removed. However you often still have to pay a big amount of your debt, declaring bankruptcy brings a lot of problems; your credit rating will be hurt for life. You will have problems buying or even renting a place to live. Getting a loan for a car or education will be close to impossible. Insurance prices will sky rocket for you.

Debt consolidation

If you have several different forms of debt, debt consolidation bundles these debts together. This can give you the advantage of reduced interest rate.

Pay your debt off

The best solution to debt is of course to pay it off. When you pay off your debt in a natural way your credit rating goes up. Obviously paying of your rent is the problem in the first place. By saving money on little things and getting a second job, you might just be able to do it. You will have to work hard for a few years, but once you are done your life will be so much better. It is important to become aware of your income and expenses, so you can become aware of expenses that aren’t needed at all. Make sure you write your financial situation down in a manner that you can comprehend and use in a useful way.

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Are you frustrated as to how to get out of debt easily? Are you working at four jobs and are still having problems getting out of debt? Well here are some tips to get you out of debt. You don’t need to do them all, but the more careful you are with your money, the faster you will get out of debt. Soon you will wonder how you could have ever wondered how to get out of debt fast, because it was so easy.

Using debt consolidation is the most effective way to get out of  credit card debt. By using debt consolidation you can decrease the amount you pay monthly. By paying less monthly you will have more money to spare and invest. Having money make you more money is a powerful way to counterbalance the interest on your debt. While you are creating this trust fund you are save for emergencies. If something happens you can always fall back on your trust fund.

Consolidating your debt will also lower the risk that you forget to pay your bill. Forgetting to pay your bill can result into higher interest rates. When you only have to make one payment a month, you are less likely to forget to make the payment.

Hiring a debt consolidation company is the easiest way. However a debt consolidation company takes a percentage of the money that you save. So if you save 5.000$ with debt consolidation, they will take some percent of that 5.000$. Of course if you know what you are doing you can do the debt consolidation yourself. But you might not find the best deal.

Here is an interesting video about debt consolidation.


I heard enough about debt consolidation, tell me something else!!

  • If you aren’t interested in debt consolidation, it’s important to pay off the card or debt with the highest interest first. After you have done this, pay off the card or debt with the second highest interest.
  • Literally get rid of all your credit cards, except for one. You are allowed to keep one, only for emergencies.
  • Sometimes you can call the credit card company and ask for reduced interest rates. If you are a polite and a good customer they might just agree to lower your interest rate.
  • Live on a budget that works for you. Make a budget plan every month; never go beyond your budget. If your budget is enough to live from, lower your budget. Once you get into a situation where you really can’t spend any money at all, that is when you get brilliant ideas to save more money.
  • If you have any items laying around that you never use. If they are worth something consider selling them. Using this extra money to get your financial situation handled is of utmost important. At a later point in your life, when you have a stable financial situation, you could re-buy any items that you regret you sold.
  • Become committed to getting out of debt fast; see it as your number one priority, saving every penny. You will realize it doesn’t take money to have fun and enjoy your life.
  • Make sure you make all your payments in time!!

After you paid all your debts, continue to live on the same budget. Use the extra money to invest, so you are prepared for the future.

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There are essentially two basic categories of debt: secured debt and unsecured debt. When it comes to debt consolidation and debt negotiation, the kind of debts you have may determine what solutions to debt are perfect for you.

A secured debt is one for which the borrower needs to put some collateral. Collateral is a kind of a financial security for the lender. In case the loan is defaulted upon, the lender has the legal right to dispose of the collateral in any which way and recover some of the loaned amount through it. This is known as repossession. But it must be remembered that repossession may not let the borrower go off the hook. If the collateral is not able to compensate for the entire principal amount, then the lender would demand for the remaining amount. Then there would also be several fees to be paid for the foreclosure. Collaterals are usually needed for home and car loans. One further disadvantage with secured loans is that the borrower is not at liberty to negotiate on the interest rates later into the loan. Debt consolidation may also not be possible with such loans, since the lender has their own security. Even filing for bankruptcy may not free the borrower from the loan.

Unsecured debts are held solely based on the signed commitment to repay the loan under the specified terms and conditions. In order to qualify for an unsecured loan, you will need to have a good credit history and a high credit score. Unsecured loans will likely permit a debt negotiation with the creditor. Since they have no other guarantee that you will pay back the money you owe, creditors are willing to offer settlements of debts.
For all the advantages unsecured loans provide, they have higher rates of interest than the secured loans. Most borrowers in the US today have a combination of secured and unsecured loans. Whatever be the type of the loan, its management is the most important factor. Sometimes people need to begin by borrowing and repaying some secured loans before they can qualify for unsecured loans. This would improve the credit ratings. Anyways, both kinds of loans are potentials for improving credit ratings when paid back in time.

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  1. Your creditor
  2. Once you’ve made the decision to get out of debt and you make contact with your creditors to see if you can negotiate better terms with them and after you’ve prepared for discussions with them, you’ll need to contact them. How you contact them will depend on the creditor. If, for example, they are local, you can go and visit the owner, credit manager, or office manager in person. If it’s a national concern, then you’ll likely want to contact their customer service department via telephone.

  3. Debt Consolidation Company
  4. The proper measure of loan for the purpose of debt consolidation will be ascertained by deducting from the total debts, the value of help from personal resources. Borrowers however draw an amount larger than the debts so as to be used for other purposes like home improvements. Interest charged on debt consolidation loans is lesser. Cheap finance will be available through this method. Lenders do not restrict the use of debt consolidation loan for purposes other than debt consolidation. Debt consolidation agencies can further decrease the amount needed for settlement by negotiating the payments thus.

  5. Your Family
  6. Our parents can help, as well as other family members. You may not realize this but the more support you have the more that you will want to make your business a success. Just by having someone say, “how is that business of yours coming?” is a great motivator, because you certainly don’t want to have to say, “well I failed.”


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Posted on 18-07-2011

Whether or not your debt to you is acceptable or not depends on your particular situation. Whether or not you have a debt problem can lie in your debt to income ration. One of the main reasons why many Americans look to bankruptcy and other measures to clear their name from debt is because statistically as a country we have a very high debt to income ratio; sometimes way over 50% per household. What is a problem to one person could be manageable to someone who makes more income this is obvious. To know this you need to know how much debt that you actually have.
A lot of people’s debt is spread out among many sources. These sources have several different interest rates. What could be an acceptable debt could be a problem just because of the interest rate that they have to pay out.

This video is about uk, but there are still a lot of interesting tips for americans as well.

Dealing with debts can be a tough task indeed. However, following some simple steps can help you reduce your debt problem. You can opt for debt consolidation plan. This will help you consolidate multiple debts into one single loan. Instead of making multiple payments for various debts, you can pay for all through one single loan. This will go a long way in reducing the ill effects of debts.

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Posted on 12-07-2011
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Credit card debt elimination programs are accessible to consumers who discover themselves in at least $10,000 in unsecured debt. President Obama has injected billions of dollars in federal stimulus cash into our economy and it’s now clear that it has reached the consumer level. The stimulus cash primarily went primarily to big monetary institutions exactly where many consumer credit is originated. Primary loan companies such as credit card organizations, banks, and medical institutions are now utilizing this stimulus cash to offset their losses they incur via credit card debt settlements.

The rising cost of living and high interest rates have definitely affected how people manage their money. Without any increases in their salaries or opportunities to make more money, many people turn to personal loans and their credit cards to make ends meet. This solution to their financial troubles is actually short-term. Unfortunately, these people end up with large personal debt.

You might think that paying your personal debt is impossible to settle especially with the bad financial state you are in. But in reality, there are several options you can explore in order for you to settle all these personal debts. The key is determining which among these options would work effectively. Here are just of those options.

Talk to Your Creditors
Get More Help to Get Out of Debt Fast
File for Bankruptcy (I might write an article about this later)

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Posted on 03-07-2011

Due to uncontrolled spending habits, many Americans are drowned in deep credit card debt and they fail to make minimum payment every month. When these people are facing financial hardship, they feel ashamed to share their problems with others.

On the Internet, access to your credit report is free. As they’re required to provide you (by law) annual credit reports.

The importance of looking at your credit report is for planning and informative purposes. To know your credit’s standing is know how you’ll be treated in terms of lenders qualifying you for a specific interest rate. With a lower credit standing (which is probably what you currently have) you’ll be paying pretty lofty interest prices. Also, keep in mind that paying attention to your report and examining it is essential, as to catch any major or minor errors.

Is your debt secured or unsecured. Unsecured debt is when your debt is not tied to any asset. Examples are credit card debts, credit lines, unsecured personal loans, etc. If your debt is unsecured, you should avail of the reliable services of a professional credit counselor. They will help you assess your personal financial situation and provide you with several options to choose from. Declaring bankruptcy should be a last resort. Through their connections with creditors, they are able to consolidate your debts in such a way that you will wind up paying less than you did if you were to pay off your debts yourself. They also provide valuable services to educate the public about personal financial management, with tips that will help you balance your budget every month.

4 Ways to avoid going into deep dept.

  1. Make Use Of Frequent-flier Promotions tied to Credit Cards
    If you are frequently flying, you can take advantage of frequent-flier promotions that are tied to credit cards, where you gain a dollar per mile traveled. Over time, the distance you have traveled may build up to the point of getting you a free ticket, and this saves you some money.
  2. Examine Credit Card Offers Critically before Taking A Jump
    You have to critically examine the offers you get from credit card companies before you take them because though they may look very appealing; underneath them are usually traps to get you into paying huge charges eventually.
  3. Watch Out For Grace-period Tricks
    Some credit card companies will say they give you a number of days, say 20 days grace-period, to pay your bill in full and you will not be charged any interest. But be warned, many of them don’t honor it. This is just a trick to get you in; they will start charging you before the so called grace-period is reached.
  4. Cancel Any Card No Longer In Use
    It is very important that you cancel any card you no longer use. This is because it will continue to be charged for recurring payments you signed up for earlier, but no longing using, which you didn’t close properly. There may be other charges on the card for holding it, and all these widen your debt.
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Posted on 21-06-2011
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Whether you’re approaching the end of your grace period or you’re already in repayment, if you know that you don’t have the ability to make the payments on your student loans, contact your lenders immediately, explain your situation, and see what they can do to help.

Expenses of education are rising with time and it becomes very difficult for people of all incomes to meet them all. Thus, the bad credit student loans are very beneficial for getting higher education without taking tensions of related expenses. These loans cover almost all the expenses related to education like tuition fees, hostel fees, books etc. You must be wondering as where to get the student loans from? No need to get worried as there are large number of lenders and financial institutions who are willing to provide these loans.

For college students, November and December are filled with research projects and final exams. For recent graduates, however, these months can be exceptionally stressful, especially if a post-graduation dream job hasn’t materialized on schedule. For graduates who left school with debt from student loans, November and December can be a month of reckoning.

Depending on your job field, you may qualify for student loan forgiveness on your federal student loans. Public service careers  - like teaching, social work, public safety, government service, and health care and legal support for the impoverished - may qualify you to reduce or wipe out your remaining federal student loan obligations, depending on how long you serve following graduation.






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